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Have Questions about Golden Bear Auto Leasing?

We have answers!

1. What is the process to lease a car from GBAL?

A. Identify the make, model, trim, color(s) you want. It’s helpful if you build/print/send a prototype unit on the Brand’s website, (ie.,, etc.) for starters.

B. Tell us the annual mileage required in your lease, your preferred time frame to take delivery, and the length of lease you desire. (36,48, 60 months)

C. Tell us about any special uses, options, requirements you must have on your vehicle.

D. Describe your credit history. We will take it, from that point.

2. How does Golden Bear make money? And how does that equate to me saving money?

A. We make money just like every dealer; by marking up the price on the cars and trucks we sell and lease, and sometimes, on the financing we offer for both leases and purchases.

B. Here’s what’s different: We personalize your lease, in order to minimize your costs, by shopping/identifying the optimum lender, in order to deliver to you the most cost effective terms for your vehicle and mileage requirements.

3. Can I lease a used car?

Used car/truck lease financing has virtually disappeared as a direct result of the Recession. Unfortunately, all of our past lenders have exited that market permanently.
Now, only certain manufacturers have a "Certified Pre-owned Lease" program. If you are interested in obtaining a lease on a certified Pre-owned vehicle, give us a call.

4. What is the shortest and longest term that I can lease a vehicle for?

A. Shortest is 24 or 36 months, depending on vehicle, and lenders requirements.

B. Longest is 48, 60, or 72 months, depending on mileage, vehicle, and lenders requirements.

5. How is leasing different from buying?

A. Leasing and buying have different goals, requirements, benefits, terminology, tax implications, and structures. Once we know more about your specific situation, we will discuss exactly how this impacts you directly.

6. Can I lease a car if I am a high mileage driver? I see all these low mileage leases being advertised, does my lease payment go up for the high miles I need?

A. Yes, you can still lease if you need high miles in your lease. Generally, we set it up according to your mileage needs up front. Of course, the more you drive the car the more it depreciates, thus the payment will increase accordingly.

7. Is there a way to set up a lease, if I want to end up owning the vehicle?

A. Yes. First, all leases provide for a stated purchase price that is documented in the lease agreement. Second, Golden Bear will structure your lease buyout to meet your needs and to maximize your benefit.

8. What kind of credit does leasing require?

A. Leasing requires you to have good credit. However, some of our lease lenders are more lenient that others with credit scores, guidelines, etc.

9. Can I purchase a new/used car through Golden Bear?

A. Yes! Golden Bear is a licensed broker for “new vehicle” purchases, and our dealer license also authorizes the sale of used vehicles.

10. Are there any tax benefits to leasing my car or truck?

A. Maybe yes, maybe no……. A general statement won’t work here. We can explain when we get your specifics!

11. How long does it take to get a vehicle?

A. Not all vehicles are alike here. Auto manufacturers we service are now worldwide……and, their assembly plants are too. Once we know your vehicle of choice, then we can give you an accurate lead time for your vehicle to be secured out of stock or factory ordered. Some vehicles can arrive as quick as 2 days from stock, while orders from Europe and Asia can take up to 4-6 months.

12. Can you terminate my current lease even though it was leased from someone else?

Yes, on most makes and lenders (lessors). There are some uncooperative Lessors out there...

13. What if my leased car has damage?

We can assist you to correct the damage as economically as possible. We’ve saved our customers thousands of dollars on their lease return repairs!!

14. Are certain makes and models better to lease than others?

Generally speaking, the best resale vehicles lease for the lowest costs. However, many manufacturers use leasing to attract conquest customers with ultra low payments via a lease.

15. Is there any interest rate on a lease?

There is no interest, by definition. That being said, there is a cost of funds on every lease. Leases generally utilize a “factor” rate rather than an interest rate, but they can be compared easily. We’ll show you how.