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If you are looking for a particular used car pleaseuse our vehicle locator form.   We also have lease returns coming in regularly.  The car you are looking for might be arriving back from lease soon. 


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Since there are very few companies like ours, we would like to clarify a few things for you: We are not affiliated with any dealership or used car lot. Although we are not a lender ourselves, we represent most lease lenders in California. 
 Delivery of your vehicle & paperwork is always free. Say good-bye to the dealership finance office forever.

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  • A dealership only offers financing if you buy a car from them. You may be purchasing your used car from an individual, or the internet.
  • Dealerships usually offer leases from their "captive" finance company without comparing other lease lenders for lower rates.
  • Our company gives you the ability to compare leases on different vehicles (a Mercedes vs a BMW)
  • Our expertise in auto leasing will far surpass the average dealership.
  • We believe in full disclosure and will answer all of your leasing questions.
  • We will structure your lease to your unique specifications, with the terms you need.